Episode 16 - Stranger Opinions

Wonder Woman's Release Date Moved Forward - THR

Gal Gadot Insists on Ratner's Non-Involvement in Wonder Woman 2 - CBR
UPDATE - This rumor turned out not to be true - CBR

Andrew Kreisenberg Faces Charges of Sexual Misconduct - Variety

Eddie Berganza Accused of Sexual Misconduct - Buzzfeed
Berganza Fired from DC - Bleeding Cool

Sony Announces Morbius The Living Vampire Movie - Variety

Suicide Squad 2 Speculated to be Debut Appearance of The Rock as Black Adam - The Wrap

Millar and Netflix Announce "The Magic Order" - THR

Brian Michael Bendis Moves to DC - The Beat

Stranger Things, Season 2
- Rotten Tomatoes
- Metacritic

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