Omnibusters Episode 0 - Introductions

Wherein Introductions are made and our series is introduced!

Omnibusters is a new monthly show from the Hero Cafe Network that is our version of a book club, taking a comic book series from start to finish by reading the most complete archive format available, the Comic Book Omnibus.

Our first series is a book near and dear to both of our hearts, the 1994 run of Starman, featuring the new character Jack Knight, written by James Robinson and illustrated by Tony Harris.

Your reading for next month is Starman (1994) Omnibus Vol 1, which covers issues #0-16.
- Starman (1994) Omnibus Vol 1 (Amazon)
- Starman (1994) on Comixology (Comixology)
- Starman TPB #1 “Sins of the Father” (
- Starman TPB #2 “Night and Day” (

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